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“Breeze kisses Penghu bay in the evening, snow white wave crushes on the beach, the sunset has no decoration from palm tree, only blue cyan sea...” Does this lyric make you think of Pan, An-Bang’s famous song “Grandma’s Penghu bay”?

On Pengu, the pearl lost on the seas, there is a beautiful place, and it is where the center is situated. The center is next to Pengu Bay, with amazing endless ocean view that will soothe your heart and mind. The center is a five-story building representing Penhu’s history and culture. The interior design is modern, while the exterior is a mix of eastern and western architecture. All four sides of the building have different themes built from granite and coral rocks. The sea by Guanyin pavilion behind the center is the perfect place to windsurf and swim. The Center is just a 5-minute walk from downtown Penghu, whose advantageous location makes it the primary choice for coastal city night life.

Penghu Youth Activity Center offers an auditorium for 300 people, equipped with lighting, soundsystem, wireless microphone, movable screen, wi-fi, movable blackboard, and a stage. Also there is a conference room that can hold 45 people, a classroom for 40 people, both equipped with sound system, wireless microphone, movable screen, Internet access, and movable blackboard, perfect for group and corporate training, and also often used by local residents for activities.

The accommodation choices in Penghu Youth Activity Center are varied, with 49 comfortable guestrooms. You can choose from presidential suite, luxurious monarch suites, VIP suites, or elegant two to four-person Tang style suites. There are also well-priced six-person rooms for student groups. Up to 175 people can stay at the center, making it a perfect choice for group traveling. The coffee gallery and outdoor coffee house lets you watch the sea and provide a perfect location for watching the Xiyu sunset. The restaurant not only provide the freshest seafood, but also let you view rainbow bridge from afar.

Penghu in Spring is full of vitality and is perfect for relaxation and travelling. As the season head into summer, the chrysanthemum blooms and the exciting water activities are intermingled with the screams of young people. The sun and the great landscape creates the perfect holiday destination for everyone.

Center features

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Center feature: the center is well positioned. It is near the urban area, where the Penghu international firework festival, Penghu marathon and other international events takes place. It is in the expansive area with easy parking. The independent building provides a quiet and relaxed environment. The unobstructive view of the ocean and raised ceilings in the guestrooms will raise your spirits. During dusk, you can stroll by the sea and watch the Xiyu sunset.

In the evening, from the coffee house, watch the rainbow bridge while listening to classical, romantic music will give you a different taste of Penghu.

Our restaurant can satisfy your taste buds with a feast of seafood. The center can organize all the hottest travel packages in Penghu, whether it is island hopping, water activities, or fishing village experiences, to night fishing and Taiwanese beach seine activities.

If you require transport, we can book for you free of charge. We can also book or purchase specialties from Pengu for you, making sure you have the best experience and not have to worry about anything else.

【Target groups】

This center, in accordance with the Youth Activity Center residential facility management and safety maintenance regulations, order no. 1030000094B promulgated by the Taiwan youth education department of the Ministry of Education, is established and managed on a non-profit basis, and provide lodging for the following groups of people:
1. Student with valid document of enrollment
2. Adults who are below forty years old.
3. Any individual who are attending activities held by government agencies, schools, NGOs in relation to public welfare, education, service and training, health or culture.
4. Any staff or volunteer with the document of proof issued by the China Youth Corp.
5. Teachers or relatives accompany individuals that meet the first two criteria, which shall not exceed four people.